Technology for Life is a Finnish NGO. It is a group of people working in the field of technology or people who are interested in the effects of technology to the society and environment. Its aims are:

  • to promote the use of technology that improves the conditions of living of mankind, increases justice and strengthens peace and
  • to enhance the ethical awareness of people working in the field of technology.

We are concerned for example about:

Technology for Life co-operates with other professionals, peace groups and other organisations in the field of technology.

TfL published a book in Finnish titled Environmental risks, circular economy and climate wars in 2017 written by Antero Honkasalo. Now you can read the extended abstract of the book in English.

TfL brochure 2020

Contact information:

Technology for Life
Neulapadontie 4 B 15, FI-00920 HELSINKI, FINLAND
Phone: + 358 45 119 1990 (chairman Atte Wahlström)
E-mail: hallitus( AT )